pool tile repair

Pool tile repair – Common Problems

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Before starting with the pool tile repair, firstly the real problem needs to be detected. If the problem is structural, the structure should be repaired, which is usually very expensive.

If the problem with the pool involves water leak(as a result of either the installation or structure), it’s important for you to know that this can be repaired. The first thing to do is to verify if the water leak is through the pipes/installation or through the pool structure. To check this, you can contact a specialised company and they will carry out the necessary pressure tests.

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Concrete pools generate small cracks that are not visible (since they are under the tile). There are several reasons why they can appear: age of the structure, land movements, water pressure… These small cracks don’t generate any structural problems but they do create sealing issues.

When it comes to Pool tile repair, you should know that common waterproofing materials are not durable. That’s because they can’t withstand cracks larger than 0.05mm and the material itself ends up cracking.

For this reason, we recommend our Signapool system for pool tile repair. The Signapool system is a technical and complete system that guarantees your pool will be fully sealed.

Pool  tile repair with the Signapool system

reparación de piscinas

The Signapool system is a flexible waterproofing system for the repair of pools with a ceramic finish, capable of supporting cracks up to 3mm. It can be applied to both newly-built pools on the cement base, or to the existing tile in the case of pool repairs..

In addition, the Signapool system ensures a waterproof seal in between the structure and the accessories thanks to the S Sealer, which is a waterproof and elastic sealant that adheres great to concrete and plastic.

System advantages:

  • Direct application on existing tile
  • Totally waterproof (pressure of 2.5 bar) and sealing of critical joints
  • Easy-application system
  • Flexible system that repairs cracks up to 3mm
  • Decoupling of the structure – does not transmit the movement to the tile
  • The tile is placed directly on the Signapool S1 sheet
reparación de piscinas


The importance of grouting the glass mosaic

The grout used with normal tiles (cementitious) is not impermeable and after a few years it decomposes and/or mold can grow. This is because the chemical resistance of the cementitious grout is very limited. In addition, the cement-based grout is not waterproof and allows the water to pass through the joint. In this article, you can find more information about pool grout.

After placing the glass mosaic over the Signapool waterproofing system, we recommend grouting the tile with Signapool EPOGROUT (epoxy mortar) for greater security.

rejuntado epoxi

With the Signapool waterproofing system, as a complete system, you have the option of making the pool even more secure by using the epoxy grout. It is 100% waterproof, has a lot of chemical resistance (whether the pool uses normal or saline chlorination) and it does not fade over the years.

In addition, the EPOGROUT epoxy grout is very easy to apply (almost like a cement-based grout).


  1.  Mix all three components with an electric mixer.
  2.  Spread the product using a hard rubber trowel. Apply the product to the joints diagonally.
  3. Gather all excess with the same rubber trowel.
  4. Immediately after, clean the area with water and a Scotch-Brite sponge using circular motions.
  5. Then soak up this mixture with a sponge trowel.